A Dog’s Favorite Things

Sophie is a happy Miniature Australian Shepherd [more about her here]. When I’m stressed out I count on her happy-go-lucky spirit to improve my mood. Many things make Sophie happy, here are a few:

One of Sophie's hugs. She'll even rest her chin on our shoulders.

One of Sophie’s hugs. She’ll even rest her chin on our shoulders.

  • Crinkly bags that may contain food
  • Mud (and tracking it into the house)
  • Car rides
  • Cereal
  • Sleeping
  • Sampling my mom’s vegetable garden
  • Planting inorganic items in said vegetable garden
  • Tennis balls (catching them, but not returning them)
  • Watching people go to the bathroom
  • Running (and running, and running, and running)
  • Barking
  • Greeting people at the door
  • Eating DVD cases
  • Us coming home
  • Eating ice cubes
  • Giving hugs (yes, hugs!)
  • Someone cooking
  • Meeting other dogs
  • Catching popcorn
  • Stealing people’s spot on the couch right after they get up
  • Putting her head on your shoulder
  • Howling like a Husky
  • The dog park
  • Shoes (just putting her nose in them and taking in the aroma)
  • Frisbee (again; catching but not returning)
  • Snuggling
  • Sleeping with her head on your foot (best slippers ever!)

I’m thankful for Sophie’s enthusiasm – it always brightens my day!

What quirky things make your pet happy?