Easy Recipe Roundup

1. Roasted Balsamic Chicken from Lattes and Leggings

I was attracted to this recipe because I had all of the ingredients on hand. And it’s quite simple. The end result was a bit too tangy for Riel and I. The combination of lemon zest and balsamic vinegar gives it a lot of bite. If you like tangy, you should definitely give this recipe a try.

Balsamic Chicken Result

2. Mexican Paleo Shrimp Scampi from Cooking Caveman

I hadn’t really heard of Mexican shrimp (except for Baja tacos, which are amazing). The ingredients list promised spicy goodness (fresh jalapeno). The odd thing about this recipe is that I couldn’t find the instructions. I just ended up chopping up and adding how ever much of the ingredients I thought would taste good. It ended up being quite delicious! I will be making this one again.

Mexican Shrimp Result

3. 5 Ingredient Broccoli Cheese Soup from Gimme Some Oven

This recipe has become one of my all-time favorites. We didn’t even really like broccoli, but I have made it three times now. It’s a warm, comforting recipe for winter and I suspect I will keep making it into the spring as well. I added potatoes to this recipe to make it a bit heartier for Riel (since it is vegetarian). I can’t believe how easy this one is. Try it. It will change your mind about broccoli.

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