Falling for Young House Love

A few weeks ago while on a girls’ weekend, I picked up Young House Love at Powell’s Books. I already discovered Young House Love, the blog, so I was excited to find a compilation of their DIY projects in hard copy. Being able to hold a book and flip through pictures is much more inspirational (and relaxing) than browsing around a blog.

Get the book through some of their affiliate links: here.

Get the book through some of their affiliate links: here.

Young House Love details 243 DIY projects to update your décor. Three major things made me fall for this book:

(1) There are stunning pictures and diagrams to help the reader understand the instructions.

(2) Almost all of the projects are simple and realistic – even for non-expert DIYers like me.

(3) I can tell the book was written by humans, not a panel of editors. It features an entertaining perspective from Sherry & John Petersik who describe their mishaps and adventures throughout the process of improving their décor.

Though the book came out in 2012, the ideas still seem fresh and relevant. Ideas range from simple and quick (re-hanging your shower curtain at ceiling height to make the room feel larger, p. 140) to more advanced (making a rustic-looking wooden headboard, p. 118).  A lot of the ideas can be easily adapted to apartment life – a must-have for us!

For some great DIY ideas, check out their blog: Young House Love.

Where do you get your DIY inspiration?


Cheap, Chic Placemat Wall Art


The space on the wall above our bed was depressingly bare. Since we can’t paint in our apartment, I needed a way to add a splash of color.

I came across some woven green placemats on clearance for $3 at T.J. Maxx. I figured they would come in handy for something – and I’m finally putting them to good use. Along with my eight placemats, I used a picture hanging kit (itty-bitty nails) and a hammer to create my wall art. I set them out first, to decide how I wanted to arrange them.

It could not be easier (or cheaper)!

You could do this with any placemats to match your decor. I love how it brings color and texture to the room. For more apartment solutions check out 5 Ways to Thrive in an Apartment.

How do you put a splash of color in your living space?