Portland Girls’ Weekend Catastrophe

Okay… Maybe catastrophe is too strong. But there were ants in the bed.

Three generations of my family (Grammy, Auntie, Mom, and I) went to Portland to celebrate Grammy’s milestone birthday. I’ll never tell you which birthday it was! (Love you, Grammy). We spent the weekend at Powell’s Books, playing Dutch Blitz, and watching the Olympics.

The Portland traffic was the first terror of the weekend.  Though we only live two hours North of Portland, it felt like a different country. We didn’t recognize the street signs. We couldn’t figure out where the stop lights were. We struggled to find parking. AND on top of all that, Auntie got a red light camera ticket.

Tickets are Portland’s way of saying “Thank you for stimulating our economy.”

I must say, Auntie is my hero. She decided she was not going to let her license plate mug shot ruin girls’ weekend.

After we finally found a place to park (which took an hour) we went to Powell’s. There were books. Lots of them. That pretty much sums it up.

We were staying in a rental unit that was part of someone’s home. The house was up this Dr. Seuss-looking hill. It was steep and winding and frightening. After driving up and down the hill-of-doom several times, we decided we would never live up such a hill.

Girls' Weekend

Mom, Katelynn, Auntie, and Grammy on the deck of our rental unit. One good thing about the Dr. Seuss hill – there was a great view!

Our rental unit was decent. There was some weird modern art that we could have done without. Over all we were pleased – until the ants.

The second night I woke up with ants in my bed. I pulled back the covers and discovered tiny little ants crawling on my legs.  Suffice it to say, I was unsettled.

We figure the ants came in when it started to rain. I am no stranger to tiny ants, but I’ve never had them in my bed! Yuck. Luckily, that was our last day in Portland, so I didn’t have to find another place to sleep.

We returned to the Seattle area by way of Starbucks and without incident. I am thankful for the time with the wonderful women in my family. We had a great weekend regardless of the ticket and the ants-in-the-bed catastrophe.

Portland Lights

The beautiful Portland skyline, as photographed by Mom

Have you had any vacation catastrophes? Share them in the comments!