Cheap, Chic Placemat Wall Art


The space on the wall above our bed was depressingly bare. Since we can’t paint in our apartment, I needed a way to add a splash of color.

I came across some woven green placemats on clearance for $3 at T.J. Maxx. I figured they would come in handy for something – and I’m finally putting them to good use. Along with my eight placemats, I used a picture hanging kit (itty-bitty nails) and a hammer to create my wall art. I set them out first, to decide how I wanted to arrange them.

It could not be easier (or cheaper)!

You could do this with any placemats to match your decor. I love how it brings color and texture to the room. For more apartment solutions check out 5 Ways to Thrive in an Apartment.

How do you put a splash of color in your living space?


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