Weird Dreams and an Intense Reluctance to Cook Dinner

Have you ever had a really weird dream? I’m always wondering why that happens. Is it stress? Did I have too much sugar before bed? I used to write my dreams down. I came across this one the other day (people have been renamed to save myself embarrassment):

We were at Jason’s house. There was an enormous, rabid mythical monster (horns, and scales, and all that) chasing after us. I was utterly panicked, but Jason was calm.

“My mother always unleashes the beast when she doesn’t want to cook,” Jason said.

Suddenly, I was in the back of my Spanish class, pretending to take notes as usual.

Really? Jason’s mom let loose a maniacal monster instead of cooking?  Actually, sometimes I can sympathize. When I am already

Scary monster! [From Pinterest]

hungry and I’m out of too many ingredients, cooking is torturous. The temptation to get take-out is brutally strong.

I wonder if the monster is really just Jason’s mom, who is hungry and would like someone else to cook for a change. C’mon Jason. Make some grilled cheese.

Have you ever felt like that when it came time to make dinner?

And of course, in normal dream fashion, I end up safely in my Spanish class for no reason whatsoever.

I’m contemplating whether to share another dream record I discovered about being rescued by “Bat Hugh,” (that is, Hugh Jackman as Batman).

My goodness.

Do you have weird dreams like this?


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