Surviving Sickness: Planning Ahead

Getting sick ruins your plans. It wreaks havoc on your resolutions, like that new diet or exercise routine. Worst of all, it makes it near impossible to keep up with work, home, and school responsibilities.

In high school illness excuses you from class. In adulthood, a cold is hardly reason to sleep in on a Monday. Sometimes being an adult is so depressing!

The best thing you can do to weather the storm is plan ahead. Planning is probably the main thing that preserved my sanity through this cold!

If you’re just tuning in, check out Part 1: Address your Ailments.

2. Plan ahead

Plan Dinners:

As soon as you realize you are coming down with a cold, make a list of possible dinners. You do not want to be hungry, sick, and exhausted with no plan when dinnertime rolls around. Make sure the meals are simple enough for your cold-induced grogginess.  Check that you have the ingredients for those meals.

I chose simple meals: Canned chili & cornbread, Pizza Lasagna, Pancakes, Nachos, Fried Rice, and so on.

Plan for the Next Morning:

Waking up is the single most difficult part of being sick. I got sick right at the start of my 8 A.M. spring classes. That meant that I had to adjust to waking up 3 hours earlier while congested and miserable.

I feel better in the evening than in the morning. I use the evening to figure out breakfast, clothing, medicine, and lunch for the next morning. This saves me a lot of energy and stress in the morning.

Plan to Recover:

Make sure that you have a regimen to bolster your immune system. Mine is simple: Eat, hydrate, sleep, vitamin C. Your meals should provide you all your nutrition – don’t just eat Top Ramen, even though it’s easy. You may have to work extra hard to hydrate if you have a sore throat. As I mentioned in Part 1, you can rely on tea, popsicles, and ice cubes to sooth and hydrate. Sleep shouldn’t be too difficult. If coughing or congestion is keeping you awake, try Nyquil.

You can get your vitamin C from citrus fruits, certain teas, apple cider, apple juice, orange juice, fortified cough drops, Emergen-C, and many other places. Vitamin C is essential to fortifying your immune system. Don’t leave it out of your diet!

You may need to visit the doctor if your cold is serious. I joke that in my family we only visit the doctor after we’re dead. This is partially true, but I would definitely go if I had a cold I couldn’t shake.

What do you do to get rid of a cold?

Cold season is almost over. I wish you luck in avoiding pesky cold germs!



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