Realistic Money Saving Tips: Netflix Instead of Cable

There are some crazy money-saving schemes out there. I’m not going to suggest that you steal ketchup packets from McDonald’s instead of buying a bottle or that you sneak toilet paper from the bathroom at work. These are some of the things we actually do (or are trying to do) to cut back, and hopefully they will be practical and helpful for you too.

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#4 Use Netflix instead of cable

Watch a wide array of top-rated shows and movies whenever you want for $8.75 a month! Netflix frequently uploads new shows and movies for you to watch Instantly on your TV, cell phone, or computer.

I’m going to address the main reasons people still pay for cable instead of subscribing to a service like Netflix:

1.  Live sports.

I consider this to be the main reason to purchase cable. If you watch every game/match of every sport, then you may want to pay for cable. However, if you only follow one or two teams, then you should consider dumping it. You can always go out to watch the game. This football season, Riel and I have been going to different family members’ houses and to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Seahawks games. It’s a lot more fun to watch live sports in a community setting and it saves us at least $80 a month!

2. Watching shows when they premier.

The one thing I have missed out on is watching shows the minute they air on television. This is only an issue with suspenseful shows that have frequent spoilers on social media – like The Walking Dead. In the long run, it’s better to make friends and attend Walking Dead viewing parties instead of wasting money watching the show alone. However, if you have too many shows that you watch right when they air, Netflix may not be for you.

3. New movies on demand.

How will you watch movies fresh out of the box office? Red Box! While Netflix doesn’t have movies until a couple months after they exit theaters, Red Box does – and you can rent them for $1.30 a day and return them to any Red Box. Sweet deal, and convenient.

4. News.

The internet. Duh.

You may have noticed that if all your friends and family followed my advice and got rid of cable you would never be able to watch live sports or television premiers. I suggest that you make friends with a few people who (as described in #1 and #2) are ridiculously into sports or television show premiers and thus cannot part with cable.

Happy Netflixing!

The major down side of Netflix!

The major down side of Netflix!


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