Realistic Money Saving Tips: Don’t Coupon

There are some crazy money-saving schemes out there. I’m not going to suggest that you steal ketchup packets from McDonald’s instead of buying a bottle or that you sneak toilet paper from the bathroom at work. These are some of the things we actually do (or are trying to do) to cut back, and hopefully they will be practical and helpful for you too.

#1  Don’t Coupon

This may seem counter-intuitive to the current trend, but unless you are a superb couponer (like ThriftyNorthwestMom), you are likely to lose money. Coupons were created to get you to purchase new products. Maybe you will try a new cleaner for 25 cents off – but you’re actually buying a product you wouldn’t normally buy thus spending more money. Unless you’re into extreme couponing and you can manage to get stuff for free or you only clip coupons for products you already buy, cutting coupons is not likely to pay off. On top of that, it is extremely stressful. You may find yourself at the checkout stand with a coupon that expired yesterday or the wrong item. Or the store may be out of the item in question. It’s easier and often cheaper to buy the store brand of the product you need.

Have you had any luck with couponing? Do you find it to be worth the effort? What are your best money-saving strategies? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Realistic Money Saving Tips: Don’t Coupon

    • I think I have a couponing curse! Just yesterday I ignored my own advice and tried to bring a couple coupons to Fred Meyer. It was an epic failure!

  1. I agree! Coupons can be so stressful and difficult to use. However, I’ve really started to like coupons at HEB. They make it so simple by putting the coupons right next to the products. Granted, sometimes I do buy a product I wouldn’t normally buy because there is a coupon for it, but I make sure to always use that product anyway (and usually it turns out well). But some of their coupons like buy one coffee creamer get one free work out great for me because you can never really have too much coffee creamer.

    • Using a coupon to try a new item could be a good thing. You might find a new ingredient that opens up a lot of new recipes for you! You just have to be careful.

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